INTERNATIONAL DENTAL SYMPOSIA: Bridging Borders in Dental Excellence

Each year, typically in the months of January or February, Build Your Smile Dental Foundation proudly hosts the International Dental Symposia, a flagship educational event that unites dental students, officers, surgeons, and industry representatives under one dynamic roof. This transformative symposium serves as a nexus of learning, bringing together international lecturers from various countries to share invaluable knowledge and expertise with attending dental professionals.

The symposia cover a diverse range of topics critical to the evolving field of dentistry, including Prosthodontics, Composite resin use, Crown preparation, Endodontics followed by prosthodontics, Digital dentures, Endo-Perio connection, Sleep apnea, Infection control, Diet analysis and caries risk, and Marketing. These carefully curated themes ensure a comprehensive exploration of current and emerging trends, fostering a rich exchange of ideas and advancements.

Generously supported by our esteemed partner companies, the annual International Dental Symposium has become a beacon of educational excellence, reaching hundreds of students and equipping them with the knowledge necessary for both the present and future of dentistry. As we look ahead, we extend an invitation to you to consider supporting future Symposia or even joining us in person. Together, we can continue to advance dental education, promote innovation, and shape the future of oral health worldwide.

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