The Caroline Cares Scholarship Programme stands as a heartfelt testament to the enduring legacy of compassion and commitment. Founded in honour of Caroline, this initiative holds a special place in our hearts, reflecting her passion for empowering young minds. The scholarship is an annual award presented to a deserving female student, providing a full scholarship for the three-year Dental Officer program.

This year, we are thrilled to announce Ayesiga Abigail from the Kanungu District in Uganda as the recipient of the Caroline Cares Scholarship. Ayesiga, the third born of six children, has faced numerous challenges in pursuing her education. Despite her parents’ unwavering efforts to provide for their children, financial constraints have posed obstacles to Ayesiga’s dream of completing her dental education studies. With the Caroline Cares Scholarship, Ayesiga is now granted the opportunity to fulfill her aspirations, receiving full support for her Dental Officer training.

As Ayesiga embarks on this transformative journey, the Build Your Smile Dental Foundation extends heartfelt congratulations. We believe in her potential and resilience, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing her success firsthand as she completes her schooling. The scholarship not only represents a commitment to education but also symbolizes the spirit of community and support that defines our foundation. We wish Ayesiga the very best in her studies, confident that her achievements will inspire and uplift others in the pursuit of their dreams.

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    Congratulations to Tracy Nakiseka, our first ever Scholarship recipient, for completing the Dental Officer Program!

    This year marked a great achievement for the Caroline Cares Scholarship Programme. The first ever recipient of the scholarship, Tracy Nakiseka, completed the Dental Officer program and is now a fully licensed Dental Officer!  The Build Your Smile Dental Foundation team is immensely proud of her and we wish her success in this new chapter of her life.

    We know you’ll do great, Tracy!

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    Video of Tracy from 2021!

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